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Backcountry Marketing

Aug 31, 2022

Chris King is the Brand Director at Outdoor Research. He’s had many different roles in his career, from marketing manager at a finance company to starting his own production company to creative director at an ad agency. And now, he’s landed at Outdoor Research, which he says is his dream job.

In this episode, Cole...

Aug 17, 2022

Ariel Macrae is the Marketing & Social Media Manager for Outside Inc. She has spent over ten years in the outdoor industry, in both service and product marketing roles. She started her career working for ski resorts with a big focus on season pass marketing strategies, transitioned into freelance helping startup...

Aug 3, 2022

Graeme Meiklejohn has done the freelancer sandwich - a couple of years after university as a freelancer, then 5 years at Origin Outside as their lead cinematographer, and now back to full-time freelance.

In this episode, Cole and Graeme discuss:

  • the changing production landscape
  • how tech is changing client...