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Backcountry Marketing

Sep 13, 2023

So, how can brands continue to connect with audiences in new and innovative ways now that the golden age of branded films is dead? Our guest on this episode will help us learn how.

Lindsey Hagen is the Head of Development at gnarlybay, a full production studio based in Boulder, CO. She oversees all creative development, sales efforts, and marketing for the company. She also directs with a focus on impact storytelling in the branded space.

In this episode, Lindsey and Cole discuss:

- why the golden age of branded films are over
- what problems marketers are facing when it comes to branded content
- with the landscape changing, how brands can still connect with audiences
- creating 360 campaigns to get creative on multiple touch points

And much more!

You can catch up with Lindsey here:


You can learn more about gnarlybay here:

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